David Clark Biannual Headset System Giveaway – Guidelines/Authorization

  1. Department is All Volunteer or over 50% Volunteer.
  2. Department is located in the USA or Canada and be legally organized under state/province law.
  3. Demonstrate a need for a David Clark Headset Communication System (Entry Form).
  4. Only one application is allowed per department per 12-month period. Participating eligible departments’ entries will therefore qualify for a total of two (2) award periods, subsequent to the date the Entry Form application is received. Departments will be provided the opportunity to resubmit their Entry Form once every 12 months.
  5. Installation of the headset system on winning departments’ existing, in-service apparatus must be performed (at no charge to your department) only by authorized installers selected by David Clark Company.
  6. Winning departments agree to give David Clark Company permission to use details from their entry form and to allow David Clark Company, or its agent, to take photography and/or videography of firefighters wearing the headsets and using the system during the training session. These materials may be used by David Clark Company for any legitimate marketing communications use, including all print and digital media. Photography and videography will not be used as an explicit endorsement of the products/system by winning departments without prior consent and authorization. Images and/or video footage will only be used to portray the products/system in use for advertising purposes.
  7. The applicant certifies that all information provided in the Entry Form is truthful and accurate (approximations will be verified, but do not require 100% accuracy for qualification).
  8. The David Clark Headset System to be awarded will be installed on existing, in-service apparatus, to be used for the sole benefit of the winning department(s). The award is not redeemable for cash value and is not for resale.
  9. The David Clark Headset Systems (headsets and system components) awarded to winning volunteer fire departments are subject to our standard Warranty Terms and Conditions. System installations will be warranted by the Installer’s Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Questions regarding the above?
Contact us by email vfdgiveaway@davidclark.com or call 1-800-900-3434.