Biannual Headset
System Giveaway
Communicate Clearly
En Route and at the Scene
Enhance Safety and
Situational Awareness

Calling All Volunteers! Enter to WIN a David Clark Company Headset System and Installation on Your Apparatus.

David Clark Company is now taking entries from volunteer fire departments within the USA and Canada for its biannual Headset System Giveaway.

On November 28, 2019 (Thanksgiving Day) we’ll announce the award of the first Headset System Giveaway to an eligible volunteer department on our website at And we’re also including free installation on your apparatus and a training session at your location with a David Clark System Specialist.

Based on your needs as described in your Entry Form, you could win a Series 3800 Intercom System, a Series 9900 Intercom System, a combination of both, or even a Series 9100 Digital Intercom System!

The David Clark biannual Wireless System Giveaway is our small way of giving back to volunteers and departments that selflessly help protect their local communities. Volunteers that willingly do so much with oftentimes so little.

Please review our Giveaway Guidelines and criteria. Then take a moment to fill out and submit the simple Giveaway Entry Form.