12/18/20 Award Winner

Laurel Fire Department, Inc.
Laurel, Delaware

Chief: Jeff Hill

Apparatus: 1988 Pierce/Lance Pumper, Engine 3

System: David Clark Company, 5-position headset communication system with wireless capability

Installation: Magnum Electronics, Dover, Delaware

Engine 11 Attack Pumper

Congratulations to the Laurel Fire Department, Laurel, DE, our 12/18/20 Biannual Headset System Giveaway winner. The winning entry was sent by Chief Jeff Hill.

“The biggest issue we have is the amount of motor noise inside the enclosed cab. This makes it extremely hard for the crew to hear their given assignment when responding to an alarm. A David Clark system would greatly enhance the communications between the Officer and the crew for assignment, which would lead to a better plan of attack and more efficient response once we arrive on the scene.” 

The Headset Communication System will be designed and configured for the apparatus by David Clark Company. System installation will be provided at no charge to the department, courtesy of Magnum Electronics, Dover, Delaware.